10 Steps To Start A Website Business

how to start a website business and make money

Do you have a hobby or niche which you are passionate about? Do you offer a special service or sell a unique product? Or do you want to be your own boss and make money by working at home in your spare time?

If so, starting a website business is the #1 way to achieve your goals.

Therefore, you need to clear off your kitchen table or bedroom desk and start an enterprise that YOU can control.

Lack of education, lack of money, lack of business connections, lack of business knowledge are not important.

The internet is still young and the potential is unlimited for you to begin right now!

You will need a simple website that Google, Yahoo and Bing loves and is appealing to your visitors.

In this guide, you will learn 10 powerful steps to help build a quick website which will generate traffic and increase your bank account.

1. Services/Products To Be Offered

First, you need to think about what services or products are going to be offered on your site. For instance, you can sell beauty products, offer services such as consultation etc. Depending on the type of services or products you are looking to offer, the target customers will be completely different.

2. What’s Your Target Audience?
Here you need to consider the gender or age group of the customers you are targeting. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, women and teen girls will be your target audience. Depending on the target audience, you can choose a good model for your site as well as an advertising method that can reach them.

3. Operating Licenses

If you are not sure about the licenses you need in order to run a website business, you should do more research. Contact the local city or municipality council for more information on the licenses you need or insurance cover in order to offer products and services effortlessly from your website.

4. Start-up Funds

Before you can start your website business you need to have your finances in order. For instance, you should apply for a loan or seek money from other sources. Also, you need to estimate the amount of money needed to cover any costs in the business. For instance, how much do you need for web hosting, purchasing materials, cost of equipment and much more? You should list down all the sources of income and the expected expenses for the best results.

5. Choose A Hosting Service

For your website to be visible to the entire world, you need to choose a hosting service.

You can sign up at BlueHost and you will receive a free domain name.

Don’t forget to create a social media profile for your business on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to reach more people.

6. Store Your Files In the Cloud

To protect your computer’s hard drive and website’s files from slow loading, deletion or hacking, it is crucial to have online cloud storage.

Storing your data, photos, music, videos and files on a secondary backup is one of smartest things you can do to help increase the speed of your computer and secure your new website business!

Immediately start this important process by going to JustCloud and sign up for free.

Next, download and begin backing up your documents, photos, music, videos and files for easy access from your smart phone, ipad or computer.

7. Creating The Website

Once you have chosen a web service, use the templates to create your site keeping your target customers in mind. Now, the site will be easily navigated, professional and also usable. As mentioned above, you don’t have to know how to code in order to use the templates to create your own site. Follow through the wizards and learn how to do it. However, a little HTML coding wouldn’t hurt.

8. List Images Of Products And Services On Your Site

Basically, your website is a good way to attract more customers and clients. Therefore, list down your contact information clearly such as a phone number or an email address. List down all the products and services offered clearly. You can choose to list each product and service under its own tab or under a collective one.

If you will be shipping the products, indicate the shipping or delivery service you will use. Don’t forget to add images to the site about each product and service. That way, customers can know immediately what you are offering without having to read through lots of text.

9. Mobile Friendly

Since most web visitors are using tablets and smartphones, it’s important to make sure site mobile friendly. There are numerous web hosting services that allow you to make your site available to mobile users. That way, you can make sure that your site is easy to use and navigate for users on different types of devices.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Lastly, you need to optimize your website to make sure that it’s visible on different search engines. Without visibility, you will be missing out on any organic traffic. Basically, you need potential and target customers to visit your site and refer their friends. If your site is perfectly optimized, you can enjoy the loads of people coming to your site each day. Don’t forget about using various conversion tools that transform all visitors into sales thereby increasing profits for your business.